Thumbs-Up Blogs

4 Hour Work Week

Written by Tim Ferriss, the master of productivity and awesomeness, you’ll find a whole bunch of tips and tricks on how to become more efficient and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. The writing is clean and crisp, always accompanied by great pictures and a personality that punches through the lines.

In Over Your Head

This is essentially the blog that got me started on this blog, a small project to redesign my current home-office space, and a song-transcribing project all at once. Every time I get down and in the dumps (meaning completely unproductive) I will somehow find my way to this guy’s blog, and then find my way back up again. It’s magic I tell you.

Ryan Holiday

Just a bit of background, I grew up as a book-hater, and now I love the library. Ryan’s tips on how to love fall in love with reading are a blend of intuitive and counter-intuitive strategies that are guaranteed to work. The rest of his blog is a real treat: simple but impactful writing. It’ll leave you actually feeling something.

Emerson Spartz

A truly inspirational, self-taught entrepreneur, Emerson shares his success story for those who care to hear. Don’t expect a chock full of blog posts ( I found it rather sparse!), but whatever content therein has enough Spartz-fizz to buzz up your entrepreneurial spirit of independence, curiosity, and ambition.

Justin Guitar

Interested in learning the guitar but your wallet is empty and you can’t bare to break your bank? Check out Justin’s incredible collection of free but helpful guitar lessons. His site should be more than sufficient to easily take you from a beginner all the way to an intermediate player by yourself.

Lee Younger

He’s an interesting person, and a Christian too. I like the way he answers questions in a very honest and conversational manner. It far beats the mechanical and almost institutionalized websites that try to give you ‘hard answers to the hard questions’ in a way that no one really understands or care for.


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