Weekly Reading Update – More Time Now by Dave Navarro

As an ex-chaser of productivity, I can definitely attest to the first, eye-catching message that I read from this excellent manifesto: STOP CHASING PRODUCTIVITY!

In the past, for an entire month, I actually tracked to the dot, how I spent my time, and what I did with it. I spent at least 1 hour a day tracking, and another hour planning the next day. Furthermore, whenever I reached a certain time limit, I would stop an activity half-way, or at least plan for it to end within a certain ‘clean zone’. To be honest with you, it was the WORST experience ever.

I was unable to be satisfied with anything I do, because although I was racking up ‘productivity points’, none of my actions were actually inherently enjoyable. Even those that I looked forward to throughout the week slowly became something I dread, because I kept thinking to myself that it was a task that I needed to complete and tick off – I had no autonomy when it came to my own actions; they were completely slaved to the plan.

Now, planning is not entirely wrong, but as Dave rightly points out in his manifesto, priorities are what’s important. We may dream of grand goals, but we only act on our priorities. Because life is not such a clean fit as we think or wish it to be, often times, extended, micro-planning is a waste of time. Rather, aligning our lives to priorities, and very strictly to them is more important. An example that Dave uses is the ‘putting a call on hold’. You’re doing important work, and a call comes in. Is it life-threatening? Does it affect any of your top priorities now? If the answer is no, then put it on hold, carry on with your work, and answer later.

Dave also suggests a few other key points, such as taking micro-action, and not wasting time!!!, both of which I wouldn’t spoil for you, dear reader.

Head over to this link, grab a copy for yourself and watch your effective time expandhttp://www.rockyourday.com/moretimenow/

Also, I’ve got to say, check out rockyourday.com (by Dave Navarro) if you haven’t already. It’s more than fantastic.

See you next week!