It’s been awhile ain’t it?

So I’ve been going to school, and trading forex on the side, and heck has it been tiring.

My half-finished novel has been collecting dust somewhere in the cloud servers because I haven’t been writing for about 2 weeks, and frankly, I’m not going to start any time soon. Why? Because I feel that I need to sort out my schedule with school first!

Sometimes life throws you too many curve balls (with the up and down of foreign exchange, you can’t ever expect too many), and you need to have something down before you move other things around, don’t you agree?

But I don’t know. I’m actually pulling this out of my ass, and hoping that I’ll go somewhere with it. All I know is that once I’ve settled my study schedule, I’ll be able to see where it is realistic to squeeze in blocks of writing time. And then, and there, I will do my writing.

Is there a chance I’ll put it off until the end of time? Possibly.  But like the clichéd butterfly love advice – let it go; if it comes back, it’s mine. So that’s what I’ll do exactly, for now at least. Because I’ve got a feeling that this writing thing loves me more than I love it, and when the time’s right, I’ll write again.


Sleep Hack

I’m exhausted today. Being a person who has been accustomed to at least eight hours of quality sleep every night, I was appalled to wake up this morning at nine to find out that I’ve only slept for 4 hours. Yes, I went to bed at five, don’t judge!

I’ve been wondering for quite some time: does lack of sleep affect performance, or actually boost it? Well, I can attest to the fact that my multi-tasking skills actually dropped pretty drastically today when playing Starcraft II. But contrarily, I was more motivated to work on this excel spreadsheet that required fairly irritating coding work. Why was that so?

My current theory is that accommodating pain allows a person to actually accommodate more pain, at least until one’s capacity is truly worn out. Think of it as doing a set of warm up exercises. For me personally, doing a number of pushups before I begin weight training effectively enables me to lift the same weight more times than if I did not warm up.

Perhaps pain tolerance works the same way? Deprived of ‘just enough’ sleep, you might be incensed enough to take on mundane, painful work that you usually would put off at a later date, because after all, hey, it can’t get much worse can it?

Understandably, tasks that require more skill and concentration would suffer a hit in performance because your mind and body is exhausted. Is this a life hack? Who knows! But you’re welcome to experiment and share about it.