Please teach me how to…

conceptualize Riemann’s Hypothesis!

It’s been an obsession for awhile because 1) it’s related to one of the millennium problems, 2) it’s got to do with prime numbers which are the building blocks of the numerical universe, and 3) you can break bank codes and solve casino ciphers with it.

I don’t know about you but the idea of being able to predict a ‘randomized’ hand is very appealing to me.

If anyone could explain to me the necessary terms required to understand Riemann’s, together with a working conceptualization of it, I’ll be very grateful 🙂


Please teach me how to…

shoot hoops!

I was playing basketball with myself again last Saturday,because with others it just gets too embarrassing – I struggle to put the ball in the hoop >< It’s been awhile since I last played, so I have gotten rusty, and it’s been maybe 2 years since I decided to learn how to shoot, but up to now I’m still not very good 😀

What I’ve gotten from experience and videos is that the throw is a holistic affair; it starts from your toes and ends with the flick of your wrist, everything else in between is the result of a flow, and to be more accurate, it happens almost simultaneously.

1) Whole ball in 2 hands, slightly towards stronger arm
2) Bend knees and aim (get wound like a spring towards target)
3) Everything bounces up (spring!)
4) Flick wrist towards target
5) Score!

Right that’s how it should work but it doesn’t always. Matter of practice or execution? Love to hear your opinion 🙂

Please teach me how to…

relieve my kitty of kitty heat!

She’s been in terrible, terrible heat recently, and also, almost too frequently.

The first time it happened I thought it was cute of her to spontaneously break out into rolling fits on the floor, but when she whined so pitifully all night… I couldn’t take it anymore!

She loves the smell of my sweat though. And socks, she loves them. She once jumped into a tub of my stinky clothes and rubbed herself in them. Yea, she needs salvation my kitty.

Please teach me how to…

cat nap!

It’s been a couple of hours and I’m tired as hell waiting for prices to move on the currency market. Yes, I’m a trader and my eyes are bulging at this hour. It has been a long, long week.

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to cat nap with superb accuracy? Like say, I target to nap for 12 minutes and I wake up just on time. Is it even possible? Would love to hear your opinion (: