Contradictory Ideas

Have you ever held contradictory ideas in your head for a whole day?I am always of the opinion that it is very difficult, nearly impossible to truly contain two separate, and wholly opposing ideas at the same time. Our minds are pretty finite in that manner.But in everyday life, we stumble upon opposites so often that we can’t help embracing them. Our lives are fairly ironic and I’m pretty sure that we entertain far more contradictory thoughts than we think we do.

The Lover’s Contradiction:

Does he truly love me? If she really had feelings for me, why would she treat me that way? He doesn’t love me but I still love him! I’ll be with her forever.

Clearly, this is the classic problem that single-handedly plagues so many romantics with insomnia at night. Back then, the fair maidens plucked roses to death in an attempt to answer that question. Today, we have other solutions such as Pink’s “sometimes I think it’s better to never ask why” (from her hit single, Try), and Passenger’s “only know you love her when you let her go” (from his hit single, Let Her Go).

Perhaps the only way out of this quagmire is to let him let you go, and then never ask why. He’ll know you loved him if you return (the infamous butterfly theory), and you know he knows he loves you because Passenger is always right.

The Contradiction of Selfishness:

Selfishness is an undesirable trait in most communities. Even if you want it all, you need to disguise it under honourable and selfless motives such as “I want to be an entrepreneur so that I can give back to society,” or “I want to travel the world so that I can share my great experiences with everyone,” or “I want to kiss you so that you feel loved.”

But is selfishness really all that bad? If there’s no one selfish on the other side, saying “Yes, I want your money/stories/kiss,” then who would appreciate the beauty of the world?
So for the record, I do want your money/stories/kisses, thank you very much! I will selflessly tarnish my reputation as a very selfish person 😦

The Contradictory Inertia of Laziness:

Once in awhile, there dawns upon each of us a morning in which we just feel staying in our beds all day long. The alarm bell rings, but you turn it off, and you roll about, for an hour, then two, and then past lunch. Heck, you’ve been on your sheets for so long, why not stay past dinner?

I guess for most of us, we would have overcome the inertia by then, not because we were suddenly gifted with a timely injection of will-power, but because staying in bed any longer actually felt painful. Urgh. Inertia is just so contradictory because what you once thought was a fortress of comfort has now become a bed of very painful spines.

But since we know all this, was the initial thought of ‘wanting to be lazy’ actually a contradictory one in the first place? Could it be that heeding the alarm clock was a better solution than hitting it off? I don’t know, I’m too lazy to answer.

The Blogger’s Contradiction:

Being original vs being accurate – how do I be both at the same time? Most of you savvy readers would have pointed out by now that the word “contradiction” could be better replaced with “dilemma”, or even “irony”. You’re absolutely right! But I’m also going to be absolutely adamant at keeping my original wording. This is my blog, I can do whatever I want!Or can I?

Bloggers who are too self-absorbed also tend to lose the audience that they wanted to reach out to in the first place. By then they are no longer blogging; they’re journaling instead. So how does a blogger resolve that contradiction?

Well… Post your ideas below!