I’m back



Hello everyone šŸ™‚

If you remembered, from loooooooooooong ago (or just click on the 2nd last post from this one), I promised to update my blog with my attempts at keeping to some fairly rigid boundaries.

Well, I couldn’t hehehe. It was a complete failure, and I also stopped blogging. One reason was because I got caught up with other aspects of life, and another more important reason was because the kinds of “rules” I set for myself was way too inflexible.

Let’s revisit some of them.

1) Sleep well

2) Morning routine

3) Exercise

That’s the condensed version! And looking at it… it looks great. Sleep to recharge my body, morning routine to get my body started, and exercise to keep it growing and energized.

Good stuff isn’t it? But if you went to the actual post, you’d realize it wasn’t presented in this manner! Do yourself a favour and check it out, but essentially, IĀ over-elaborated on all three aspects. Frankly speaking, my style is way too adaptive and evolving to be squeezed into some boring rules.

I can’t just for instance have 8 hours of sleep, straight, everyday. One day, I might stay up later, and wake up later, and then nap in the afternoon. Another day, I might choose to stay in bed for 10 hours.

One benefit of this kind of flexibility is that I becomeĀ more open to what the day has in store for me. I am, thankfully, exposed to enough good randomness to be given opportunities every now and then – the kind that might just shake up my schedule. And I do want my schedule shaken up!

Hopefully one day I become so free that I can truly live in sponteneity.

For now, I’m taking baby steps to reach that dream, and one of them includesĀ reframing my non-negotiables. And… I already did! But with a few more tweaks, this is how it looks like:

1) Take care of the body (food, sleep, exercise, rest)

2) Start the day right (not with rituals! but with the right level and direction of drive)

3) Take care of the heart (manage my own emotions… and help to uplift those of others!)

Each of these points can be expanded on its own. But for now, that’s it! I like the freedom it entails, and the fact that they are principles means that they can evolve to fit whatever situation they need to fit. And when the time comes for me to change/evolve these pillars of my life, it’ll be way easier, because somehow, I feel they will be there even without my conscious effort.


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