I’m Back!

Remember my post on August 24th, last year?

If you can’t, it’s just 2 posts away. Click it.

JUST KIDDING, I know that most of you are lazy people just like me (and I love you anyway), so here’s the rundown: I decided to let go my blogging schedule since I got busy with school, and promised that I’ll be back when this writing thing finds me again.

And so… guess what? I’ve been found!

This is the first day of the New Year for me, and I would like to start afresh by committing to a new, and more realistic schedule: every Wednesday starting right here and right now (until I decide to move on teehee), will be Reuben’s Wednesday.

i.e. I may or may not be posting random stuff on the other days, but Wednesday is my quality post day. For all you hardcore followers, I’ve got at least 2 months of material to tide me over the more stressful seasons of school next semester, so you can expect some semblance of consistency šŸ˜‰

And, this is just an experiment for something bigger! (which may or may not ship out some time late this year…) so stay tuned for more to come šŸ˜€

Last of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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