What’s your uncompromisable? What’s one thing you can’t not do everyday?

Take out a fresh sheet of paper, and your trusty pen.

Now, write just one small thing you need to change for the next week. Go on, write it down! Make it as specific as you can. E.g. Write a 300 word blog post everyday for 7 days! or Do 3 sets of 25 push-ups every morning! or Read 10 pages of my favourite novel every night before I sleep!

Choose what you like, but only choose one. Don’t be greedy, now’s not the time!

For the next 7 days, do it. Put that sheet of paper in front of you where you work. Put it in the toilet so that it will remind you of your business while you’re doing your business. Put it in your car so while waiting for the light to turn green, you’re reminded of that small little thing that you need to do.

Don’t compromise! Write down the 7 days in one column, and put an empty column next to it. Every time you’ve done that little itsy bitsy thing, put a large tick next to the empty column. This is your kickass column. When you look at it, it reminds you that you don’t want to see an imperfect sheet at the end of the week. No, you want to see an entire column that has been ticked out!

Tell your friends about it. Place a bet with them. If you fail to get a perfect sheet, you treat them out to tea. Nothing for them to lose? They’ll surely agree to it, and you can be sure they’ll hound you at the end, so you had better be prepared!

If you wish, share your week’s uncompromisable on the comments. We’ll see if you’ve done it next week! So all the best to your endeavour 🙂


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