Fighting for the Dream

When people say that they are fighting for a dream, most would imagine a pro-athelete, training hard on the field so that he would bring his team to glory one day. Or an actress who waits part time while running for auditions at night, so that one day she’ll be big-screen material. Or a team of young entrepreneurs who left their comfort zone to strike it out in the corporate world.

But with the advent of crowd funding and self-publishing material online, a new brand of dream warriors have emerged. These brave souls brandish weapons mightier than swords, and fight monsters greater than the dragons of ancient legends. They hold in their hands a mighty pen, and everyday they fight the beast of Resistance – every word written, every book finished, and every completed story shipped is one dragon slain.

Cristian Mihai is to me one of the most respectable, young dragon slayers out there. He has faced the abyss, braved the resistance, and now paves the way for a whole new generation of writers/publishers to make their mark on the world.

Do visit his campaign page here, and find out more about the struggle of a self-publishing writer here.

Now, I don’t normally publish posts on Sundays, but this is something worth posting about. Once again, I’m not receiving any benefits whatsoever for reviewing this, but I always believe that good things are to be shared 🙂


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