Accept the Weak You

Cliff Sunset

Let’s face it – none of us are how we want to be.

Dang it, we could be fitter, richer, wiser; could have traveled the world more; could met more people; but we aren’t, and we haven’t.

So what to do about it? Not all of us are as privileged to be born in high society, or given great education, or granted opportunities to network with high-fliers.

No, a lot of us in fact, are very normal people. Although sometimes, there are days when we think we are actually less than that even.

Yet, there are people, who are almost as ordinary as us, if not more, who managed to get there, whatever it means to us. Perhaps they are living off a great passive income now, or they’re in a beautiful, committed relationship with a wonderful, loving person, or their bodies are so fit, they can eat anything and burn it off it the next 10 minutes (I wish I had that!).

But whatever level of living it is that they have attained, which means just so much to us, we aren’t there yet. Maybe we’ve got a taste of it, or a glimpse, or a hazy reflection. That’s the thing that got us going in the first place. But from our standpoint, if we look forward and upward to that goal, we gulp at the amount of work to do, and we think – hell, how will we ever get there?

And a harder question to ask: if they got there, why haven’t we?

The answer is painful, but simple.

We’re weak. We cop out more often than we care to admit. We skimp on the finer details, and give up on the higher benchmarks more frequently than we should. We reach for the stars, stretch our limits, and dig to our depths much less than we know we ought to. Looking at the mirror of what we’ve done and who we are, we hate ourselves.

We hate ourselves because we long to be much more.

And yet, is that our best decision? Pain is a prime motivator to move, and nothing gets us off our butt more than a fervent hatred of staying at where we are.

But what if we moved because we know we are weak? What if we did more because we accept that we are weaker? What if we worked harder because we embrace the fact that life has dealt us a difficult hand?

Thankfully life is so much more than a game of poker, because if we pulled our socks up and chipped away at the boulder blocking our path, we’re going to end up with a clear, clean road. We’re going to end up with a clear, clean road and more muscles than the guy who was born with a bulldozer. We’re going to end up with a clear, clean road and more endurance than the gal who had the road cleared out for her by a troop of men with power drills.

They may be blazing off ahead, but by no means are we actually behind them. By no means did we end up in a worse position, simply because we had no choice but to chip away the boulder with our hammer and chisel.

No, instead you emerge more than victorious, for by conquering your natural weakness, your natural fear, your natural roadblocks in life, by having done the low and dirty work, taking the slow and steady path, you have grown far stronger than yourself, if that were even possible.

You look in the mirror and you don’t hate yourself anymore. Why? Because you accepted the weaker you. You pulled your socks up and dug deep. You did the work. Your work.

Now accept the strong you.


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