Weekly Reading Update – The Writer’s Manifesto by Jeff Goins

At first, I thought that this little gem was very similar to Steven Pressfield’s the War of Art series. It was essentially a call to action manifesto for writers explicitly, and nothing else this compact and powerful was able to motivate me to sit down and write like this one.

However, Jeff’s individuality shines through at the very facet where the manifesto differs from Pressfield’s – it dug extremely deep into the motivation of a writer. Not only did it kick you in the ass to get up from your bed and write, but it sat you down firmly on your writer’s throne and forced you to search deep into your soul: why is it that you write? Do you write because you want to earn money, fame, recognition? Do you write because you want girls to adore you, your parents to be relieved at how you turn out, or for all your friends to fawn at your latest novel? Or do you write because you absolutely love it?

Put it simply, this manifesto made me fall in love with writing again. Stop writing to be read and adored. Hell, not even for blog likes or shares. Write because you adore it, because you love it, because if you stop writing, you can’t live. So go back to the intrinsic motivation, and stop worrying about the other things. Jeff has managed to align his writing to principle greater than himself: once you’ve got the core settled, everything else comes in place. I believe the message of his work will last through the generations, perhaps in different forms, though different voices.

Who knows, you might be the next one to write the next kickass manifesto! So throw away your money-chasing, fame-grabbing, attention-seeking clothes and put on your truest, sincerest love-for-writing tunic and get down to it!

Download Jeff Goin’s manifesto here. You’ll have to subscribe to his site first for a free copy (or buy it for 99 cents), but trust me, it’s worth it. Once again, I’ve no incentive to promote, other than because this book is good.


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