Take a Walk


Feeling lost?
Take a walk.
Feeling little?
Take a walk in a large park.
Feeling lonely?
Take a walk with someone.

Step by step, foot by foot; take a walk.
The air is fresh, the view is splendid; take a walk.
Get to know yourself, get acquainted with your rhythms;
Get to know the world, get to know its rhymes – take a walk.
The green will refresh you, the sky will renew you;
Chirping birds, they love you, the passerby adores you – take a walk.

When your world comes crumbling down, put one foot after another –
When your life is in a mess, take one step at a time;
When the sun refuses to shine today, keep calm and carry on –
It will rise tomorrow from the East; so take a walk.
If your friends forget you and your lover leaves you,
Your parents perplex you and your child corrects you,
Take a walk, take a walk; take a walk – take a walk.

But if you are unable to take a walk –
Close your eyes and imagine: a breath of fresh air,
Chirping birds, blue skies; green, yellow, red leaves;
The chatter of children playing and footfalls of people jogging;
And you, taking step, by step, by step.

Because if you can take a walk
at any time, at any place, my friend,
You –
Are truly free.


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