How to Write With Fire (or the Rule Breaker’s Club)

One of the first entrepreneurial websites I ever visited was the spankingly peppy Rule Breaker’s Club, owned by none other than the ever-sassy Courtney Johnston.

Now, what sets her apart from the average blogger is how her infectiously positive attitude shouts at you from across the screen. Most of us would call it a job well done if our post-of-the-day manages to stir up even a bit of emotion in a couple of our readers, but I’m pretty sure that she sets entire online communities on fire, jumping up and down and raring to go, just by reading the first few lines in her post.

I kid you not. From the simple but attention-grabbing design of her homepage, to the strategically varied font-usage throughout the post, you get a taste of what it means to be a money-making, ass-kicking, rule-breaking Copywriter/Czar – Czar? you ask, it’s an inside joke! Join the RBC to find out more ha 😉

The content on her site is worth far more than she charges for (it’s absolutely free). Not only do you get valuable tips on how to write with fire and passion, you will also learn first-hand, entrepreneurial tips that work.

In her posts you’ll learn how to build incredibly sexy systems to manage your money-flow, how to earn money from what you love to do, and how to look incredibly beautiful beside Tim Ferriss, the brilliant author of the Four-Hour series. Yes, no kidding. She met the man himself. How’s that for networking, folks!

If you want to learn more, visit her site and subscribe for free. She offers a fantastic monthly report on how she plans to make $2, 000 a month as an entrepreneur, and provides insanely useful tips/ideas/calls-to-action that you would want to make use of. Just in case you doubt she doesn’t have more walk than her talk, she’s already reached double her goal in June, but doesn’t stop kicking-ass every month with new projects to keep things sky-rocketing ahead.

Also, as of this writing, I do not derive any extrinsic value at all from promoting her site – so no, I have no incentive to exaggerate or smudge the details. Why I do this? Exactly for the same reasons why I review Dave Weckl, Chris Guillebeau, Passenger, Dave Navarro, and even the lessons my Asian father taught me – I believe in sharing the good things in life.

So once again, visit Courtney Johnston’s Rule Breaker’s Club here. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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