Take someone’s breath away

Take your breath awayThe Power of Encouragement

Have you ever taken a walk around town, and before you know it, your breath is stolen away by some serendipitously beautiful sight that unfolds before your very eyes; the birds are caught mid-flight, the sun’s rays peek perfectly from behind the leaves, and the lavender clouds adorn the rosy sky in cozy formation. Suddenly you feel as if your life has had an undeniable purpose all this time, even if it that purpose was just so that you could capture this view forever in your heart before you pass.

The next day, you come back, expecting to be stolen away again, but everything is back to normal. Nothing really stands out, or steals your attention, or captures your attention like it did before, and you half-wonder if that feeling you had yesterday was real. But thinking back, you don’t doubt it. You refuse to; it was real, it was!

That is the very nature of encouragement. It transforms the ordinary, ho-hum landscape around you into something eye-catching, heart-thumping, breath-taking. You can’t tell what it was exactly that tugged at your heartstrings so adamantly, but whatever it was, it could knock you off your seat, and make you want to look for beauty again in this rugged, struggling world.

You would stand up and carve against a stone if only to reveal the angel that was hiding beneath. You’d scrape your pen against a parchment if it meant that one day, the message of the universe that was writing itself through you, all this while, will be found in someone else’s hands as they read it. You would callous your fingers against the steel strings of a guitar and coarse your throat in front of a microphone if you could etch out even just a fraction of the melody that Love sings when it comes knocking on doors and flooding into wearied hearts.

Even if the things around you haven’t really changed, you did, and you would do anything to be that change you want to see in the world. You have now become the agent of beauty, a servant of the spectacular wonders that overflow from your heart, the prime perpetrator of life, of love, of living.

And all that because someone encouraged you, something encouraged you. All that because you were encouraged.

What Goes Around Comes Around

And now imagine you took that little seed and planted it everywhere you go. Like the little girl whose footsteps sprung flowers and beams of sunshine, you thread the world lightly. The globe brightens with your smile.

Or perhaps you envision yourself to be a slayer. And in your gun were bullets of holy silver that decimates the demons of fear and frustration, and the famine-mongers of the soul shudder with your every shot. Fire your weapon, soldier, and cleanse this earth.

Or maybe you see that you are simply part of a wider movement, a wave that sweeps over the entire world. And in its silent wake, lives are transformed, hearts are touched, dreams are awakened. Drown the world with hope!

Because what goes around comes around. When you touch a life, it touches you back and heals you. When you feed a soul, it nourishes your own. Imagine the ripple you create with a single pebble of yours, and then drop it. You will inspire others to do the same, and soon, every heart will be unburdened, and the ripples will reach the shore.

Breathe is Life and Love

So each breath we take rides on the ebb and flow of the one before it. Every second of life that we live rides on the waves of those who lived before us. Our hearts are stirred by the love of those who first loved us, even when we were strangers to even ourselves; for that’s how we learned to love. Look for someone today who needs a breath of life, and restore them with a touch. Encourage them with a word of gratefulness, and fill them with the fullness of beauty that you draw from deep within you.

Can’t find anyone? Oh, you kid me. Everyone would love some encouragement. Can’t find it in yourself to give? Oh, you pull my leg. There is a spring within each of us, and it is drawn out in bucketfuls by a simple, sincere breath. And for each bucket of life and love we take from our well to give and share with another soul, torrents rush in to fill its place.

So start with a simple breath and love yourself, then go on and take someone else’s breath away 🙂

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