Weekly Reading Update – The Tower by Chris Guillebeau

I’m not sure if anyone follows my reading updates, but I’ve recently decided to post my reviews on the delicious things that I read here, so that the other page can be kept uncluttered.

Last week’s reading was The Tower, by Chris Guillebeau, creator of the fantabulous blog, The Art of Non-Conformity. I’ve taken a liking to manifestos. Firstly they’re shorter, secondly they’re more inspirational (as compared to overly informative), and thirdly they’re easier to remember. “Tower” by Chris begins with a candid confession of how he got addicted to what appears to be the popular gaming app, ‘Tiny Tower’ (correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve never actually played that game!).

He then develops his thoughts on how systems within the game actually motivate players to regularly devote their time to it, and how those very same systems can be extrapolated into real life, so that we can build our own ‘towers’ in a non-virtual environment – a legacy work that actually outlasts ourselves. There are definitely flaws in the virtual system as well, which Chris expounds upon as he contrasts it with real life. Additionally, you’ll find other incredible examples of people’s legacy work in the manifesto.

So in conclusion, Chris Guillebeau reveals the surprisingly HUGE amount of inspirational power behind his tiny tower metaphor, and if you find yourself needing a little creative boost in the middle of the week, I’ll advise you to check it out!

Download his fantastic work here.


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